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1600 Lessons is based on Dr. Troy’s extensive White House experience and his voluminous knowledge of presidential history.

Dr. Troy provides corporate and non-profit leaders insight and direct coaching based on how modern presidents have achieved success and averted catastrophe. In a compelling and practical style, honed through participation in the senior levels of the US government and hundreds of media appearances, Dr. Troy provides management consulting available nowhere else that has already benefited senior organizational leaders at companies like Eli Lilly and Lockheed Martin. One of the nation’s leading presidential historians, Dr. Troy shares insights gained from his lifetime of experience and historical expertise in an engaging. entertaining — and actionable — way that is sure to be a highlight for your organization.

Based on case studies from presidential history

Insight and direct coaching helping you achieve success

Tailored to your organization’s unique needs

Your presentation was filled with humor and fascinating stories, and our members loved it.
Manuel Bonilla
American Society of Anesthesiologists
It’s crucial for players in the Fourth Estate to consider historical context a main ingredient for all their offerings. For this purpose, they should have Dr. Troy on speed dial, for he’s the master chef.
Anneke Green
Real Clear Politics

Training Modules

We offer six training modules that can be tailored to your organization’s needs. The six modules are:

Characteristics Of Effective Leaders

What are the key characteristics of leadership, and how have presidents displayed — and not displayed – them. These key characteristics can all be cultivated in ways that can improve individual and group performance.

Building A Cohesive Team & Avoiding Infighting

Infighting can be devastating to an organization and prevent organizations from accomplishing their missions. It is unrealistic to expect a complete elimination of infighting, but infighting can be managed via three deployable levers that Dr. Troy has observed in the management of White House infighting over the last century.

How To Prepare For Key Moments

Preparation is essential and everything you do. Poor preparation leads to poor performance, not only by yourself, but from other people within the organization, who are watching you. If you as a leader wing it at the big moments, the rest of the team will wing it as well, and that will affect performance negatively up-and-down the organization.

Proven Practices For Dealing With Crises

Every leader faces crises. The key question is how one faces inevitable crisis on one’s watch. Preparation for crisis is essential, but it is not enough as action and careful communication in key moments can help alleviate the worst impacts of crises.

Cultivating Diverse Voices

How do you harness the power of diversity to draw wisdom from leaders from all backgrounds to anticipate change and drive results? For over a century, our smartest and most able presidents have used a variety of strategies to bring in diverse voices, even at times when discrimination made it hard to do so.

Phases of Leadership

The different stages of leadership require different approaches. The aspirational phase differs from the leadership phase in which one has limited time to effectuate key changes. And then one must consider the issue of a successor in order to build a legacy.

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