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Bespoke leadership training for organizational leaders, built on extensive knowledge of the US presidency.

About Dr. Troy

Former White House official and deputy secretary in the president's cabinet and one of the nation's leading presidential historians, Dr. Troy shares insights gained from his lifetime of experience and historical expertise in an engaging and entertaining way that is sure to be a highlight for your organization.

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Our Lessons

We offer six training modules that can be tailored to your organization’s needs. The six modules are:

Characteristics Of Effective Leaders

Identifying the key characteristics of leadership, and how presidents have, or have not, displayed them.

Phases of Leadership

Understanding the different stages of leadership and how to approach each accordingly.

How to Prepare for Key Moments

Maximizing performance with strong preparation, creating a positive ripple effect on others within your organization.

Building A Cohesive Team & Avoiding Infighting

Building a common mission can minimize infighting and maximize shared efforts in accomplishing organizational goals.

Proven Practices for Dealing with Crises

Every leader faces crises. The key question is how one faces the inevitable crises on one’s watch.

Cultivating Diverse Voices

The importance of diversity and how to bring unique voices together.

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As a presidential historian and former White House official, Dr. Troy offers a truly unique perspective on executive leadership. Everyone, senior and aspiring business leaders alike, can learn a lot from his 1600 Lessons. His presentation earned rave reviews from our team.
Robert Varnell
Lockheed Martin
Your presentation was filled with humor and fascinating stories, and our members loved it.
Manuel Bonilla
American Society of Anesthesiologists
Dr. Troy is one of the most creative chroniclers of our political history.
Steve Clemons
Founding Editor at Large, Semafor

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