How Joe Biden Should Handle White House Infighting

The Wall Street Journal - Weekend Review
Tevi Troy | January 2, 2021

As President-elect Joe Biden builds his administration, he has drawn on his long experience in national politics, filling key positions with White House veterans and a sprinkling of newcomers. But the success of Mr. Biden’s administration will depend not just on who gets big jobs but on the thoughtful management of his team. The new president needs a staff and cabinet that are cohesive in debate and unified in action.

Administration infighting is inevitable, but it needn’t be paralyzing.

. . .

Like so many presidents before him, Mr. Biden will soon be reminded that campaigning is one thing and governing another. As campaign promises give way to policy realities, disagreements quickly become more serious. If the president-elect wants to avoid letting infighting define his tenure, he will need the lessons of history—and the resolve to enforce them.

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