How Biden Can Prepare for a Midterm Election Bruising

The Wall Street Journal
Tevi Troy | June 5, 2022

His predecessors have faced big Congressional losses. Here’s what he can learn from their mistakes.

In 1986 the Republican Party lost the Senate majority, marking the first time in more than three decades that a sitting president’s party had lost a chamber of Congress. In the 3½ decades since, presidents have seen their parties lose control of one or both houses in five midterm elections, and every president since Bill Clinton has experienced such a loss. Political experts take it as a foregone conclusion that President Biden’s Democrats will face that same fate this fall.

Is there anything a president can do?

. . .

An incumbent president shouldn’t wait for an election loss to prepare for a new Congress. Good leadership is about anticipating problems and coming up with solutions. Mr. Biden should show that leadership now.

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