When Presidents Lose Their Temper

The Wall Street Journal
Tevi Troy | July 11, 2023

Biden isn’t the first to blow his stack in the White House, for good or ill.

‘Uncle Joe” Biden may not be as friendly as he seems. Behind White House doors, according to a report this week in Axios, the president curses out, criticizes and cursorily dismisses members of his staff. Apparently, this behavior dates back to Mr. Biden’s time in the Senate. Over the years his eruptions have included such earthy takedowns as, “God dammit, how the f— don’t you know this?!” and even ordering a staffer to “get the f— out of the car!”

Mr. Biden isn’t the only president to have had tantrums. A temper can be a tool, as Reagan showed, or it can cometh before the fall, as Truman, Johnson, Nixon and Mr. Trump discovered. For presidents, and all leaders, a short fuse is best harnessed to drive positive action. Mr. Biden should take heed: Indiscriminate anger does no one any good, especially a president.

Full text available here through The Wall Street Journal.

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